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Dear forest friends,

The Santa Fe National Forest has stated that later this month, they intend to reinitiate the same Santa Fe Mountains Project environmental assessment and draft Project Decision that was withdrawn last July, due to the Hermits Peak/Calf Canyon Fire.

There is intense public controversy about the project proposal. Many members of the public feel that their voices haven’t been heard, that they want our forest to be conserved, and that they want full analysis done for the Santa Fe Mountains Project, with a range of alternatives considered.

Our forest needs to be thought of and managed in a much more holistic way. Forests have the intelligence to heal themselves.

Recently WildEarth Guardian’s Adam Rissien and The Forest Advocate’s Sarah Hyden discussed the Santa Fe Mountains Project on the Richard Eeds Show.

The Santa Fe County Commissioners are the first elected officials to come forward and genuinely support the health of our forest, and our communities. They unanimously voted on Resolution 2022-50, which urges the Forest Service to complete an Environmental Impact Statement for the Santa Fe Mountains Project, to do a genuine cost/benefit analysis of project impacts, and to assess alternative approaches under accelerating climate change.

The Santa Fe County Commission, along with WildEarth Guardians and The Forest Advocate, is sponsoring a Zoom public listening session, so members of the public, who are the stakeholders of our forest, can be heard. Forest Service leadership, some Fireshed Coalition members, and elected representatives or their liaisons plan to attend. Please come and speak for our forest, and support the completion of an Environmental Impact Statement for the Santa Fe Mountains Project. Also speak about the potential impacts on our health from the smoke from increased prescribed burns.

Conservation scientist Dominick DellaSala will be giving a short talk on the need for more comprehensive analysis for the project, and he will be present to answer questions.

This may be our last opportunity to make our views known to a wide range of officials, before the Project Decision is reinitiated. We look forward to a powerful and constructive event, speaking for our forest and for our communities. Please forward this forest update to your mailing lists, and invite everyone who might want to attend.

Event information:

Come voice your perspectives and ask questions regarding forest management and fire ecology in our local Santa Fe Mountains, and in particular relating to the Forest Service’s Santa Fe Mountains Project, with a focus on finding solutions and new approaches. Santa Fe National Forest leadership, members of the Santa Fe Fireshed Coalition, and elected representatives will be present to hear you speak for our forest and our communities.

Thursday, November 10, from 5:30 to 7:30

Sponsors: The Santa Fe Board of County Commissioners, WildEarth Guardians, and The Forest Advocate

Host: Santa Fe County Commissioner Anna Hansen

Featured speaker: Dr. Dominick DellaSala, conservation scientist

With: Adam Rissien, WildEarth Guardians Rewilding Manager, and Sarah Hyden, The Forest Advocate
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