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Sarah Hyden – Director, Writer

Sarah has been working to protect the Santa Fe National Forest for over a decade, and it comes out of a deep, life-long connection with trees and the natural world. She was a co-founder of the Santa Fe Forest Coalition and the WildEarth Guardians Santa Fe National Forest Advocate.

Douglas Moore – Administrator/Website Manager

Douglas brings to The Forest Advocate strong support skills and great love for the environment and sustainable living. He has participated in the founding of several companies focused on environmentally friendly technologies, including Water Management Associates and Pura Vida Ecological Solutions.

Emmy Koponen – Photographer

Emmy is a forest lover and has been employed by the US Forest Service and the National Park Service. She was also a member of Southwest Forestry Workers Cooperative. She has been photographing trees and forest since 1972, originally in black and white.


Trees are alive, the forest is life. Our forests are an integral part of the web of life that sustains us all, so they must be protected. This understanding motivates us to do our part to ensure planning for forest projects is a truly scientific and open public process which includes a full range of current research.  

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