Seven steps for writing draft environmental assessment comments

by The Forest Advocate       Sep 20, 2021

1) The heading should include the full project name.

2) Start by stating who you are, and briefly summarize your education, work and experiences that are relevant to the proposal. State in what ways the project area is important to you.

3) Summarize your position regarding the draft environmental assessment, including which alternative you prefer (the two alternatives are usually Action or No Action), or suggest a variation on an alternative. If you want an Environmental Impact Statement completed for the project, explain why.

4) Discuss the flaws of the draft environmental assessment analysis, and point out areas where the document is not clear or is missing necessary information. Explain why more accurate, in-depth, site specific, and substantive analysis is needed. 

5) If you include data or research, or environmental law and regulations, provide a brief summary of your references. Cite your sources.

6) It is fine to express emotion in your comment, but focus on being very accurate when citing science or any other objective information. 

7) Conclude by stating what action(s) need to be taken in relation to the project, such as an Environmental Impact Statement must be completed before the project commences.

The Forest Advocate
Santa Fe, New Mexico