Dominick DellaSala and Sarah Hyden on KTRC’s Richard Eeds Show   Oct 1, 2021
Discussion of issues with the Santa Fe Mountains Project

Sarah Hyden on KSFR’s Wake Up Call   Jul 14, 2020
Tom Trowbridge discusses with Sarah Hyden how the US Forest Service is not genuinely including the public in the planning of forest projects.

MK Mendoza – To Burn or Not To Burn: That is The Question When It Comes To Santa Fe Forests   Nov 8, 2019
Community members call in to voice thoughts on this question.

Sam Hitt and Ann McCampbell on KSFR’s Wake-Up Call   Apr 23, 2019
Tom Trowbridge spoke with conservationist Sam Hitt and physician Ann McCampbell MD to discuss forest wisdom, Forest Service fuel treatment projects, and health concerns from smoke. 

Sarah Hyden on KSFR’s Wake Up Call   Apr 23, 2019
A discussion about a resolution before the Board of County Commissioners requesting that the US Forest Service complete an Environmental Statement for the tree cutting and thinning project in our local forest. Also a discussion about the importance of preserving community forests.

Bryan Bird on KSFR’s Wake Up Call   Dec 19, 2018
The Southwest Program Director of Defenders of Wildlife is interviewed by host Tom Trowbridge. They discuss the effect of forest fuel treatments on wildlife in the Santa Fe National Forest.

Sarah Hyden on KSFR’s Wake Up Call (starts at 22:18)   Nov 2, 2018
A discussion of Santa Fe National Forest issues with host Tom Trowbridge.

George Wuerthner on Resistance Radio   Mar 18, 2018
This interview discusses the institutional problems with collaboration that is occurring around the West, focused on wilderness, forest management, grazing and other issues. It describes many of the same issues forest advocates in the Santa Fe area experience with the local collaborative, the Greater Santa Fe Fireshed Coalition. Highly informative.

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